In having a healthy body is very important to have a longer life. One should be know what BMI is and what the connection for a healthy body and lifestyle is. Knowing your body fat is very important and should correspond or appropriate with the height and weight of the person. Doctors used this to estimate the fats with their patients.

BMI means Body Mass Index which estimate the body fat of a person have using the height and weight. It does not give the exact measurement of fat compose in a body but at least it gives a fair accurate estimate or assessment of it. After calculating and knowing how much fat is estimate in your body the person can know if he or she needs to lose or gain fat. With it one can classify what category the person is if he or she is overweight, underweight, obese and most important healthy weight.

Some say that if one has a high BMI you have the great possibility developing some diseases like heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and urinary stress incontinence, high cholesterol and blood lipids, gastro esophageal reflux, Type 2 Diabetes, female infertility, some cancers and other more.

Even you know how to calculate BMI it is still best to still see the doctor especially if this is the first time you are calculating. Ask them some guidance if you want to continue on monitoring your BMI. Doctors can explain it clearly more than just reading on your own because they can tell you what is needed to know and you can ask questions if you do not understand something.