Each person should know what a balance diet is. Having one is very important because our body need a proper nutrition to be able to play and work efficiently. If not our organs and tissue will surely suffer due to lack of nutrition.

Lack and having a bad nutrition can have a great disadvantage in our daily activities. We can feel tired, fatigue, prone to different diseases and infections and most especially you would not do well in any performance or activity you do in your daily life. For children they might have problems with their growth and development if they are not provided with a proper nutrition. Do you want that to happen to your child or children? So as good and responsible parents you should provide them the proper balanced diet.

For both children and adult a balanced diet are foods that have high in minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients and also has less or low fats and sugar that are unnecessary. Vegetables are as all we know is main sourcing of vitamins and minerals especially those dark and leafy greens because it has more nutrition. Fruits are a great and good source of nutrition, aside from it this is a tasty, quick and easy snack to have. Pick fresh fruits because this has more nutrients in. For proteins, beans and meats are the primary source for this. For meat mostly those lean low-fat meats like fish, chicken, and certain beef and pork cuts. This is needed for the development of muscle and brain. For calcium and Vitamin this can be found in dairy products.

As a professional for much details information for a proper balanced diet appropriate for you.