Disclaimer: Please note that this calculator is a tool only and does not condone unhealthy eating behaviours. The results are based on a maximum weight loss of 2ilbs per week as a recommended guideline. Always seek medical advice before embarking on a dieting programme.

Being conscious with your body and health is very important. Taking care of your body should be a priority and don’t take your body for granted. If you are planning to do some diet, set a goal or objective before starting on it. The reason for setting a goal or objective for your diet is to be able to track the progress of your diet. BMI-BMR Calculator is the diet calculator for you and it will save not only your time but also your money. It will be your guide in starting your diet. If you are not familiar what BMI – BMR stands for, BMI means Body Mass Index while BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate. BMI-BMR Calculator is very easy to use. Choose from Imperial or Metric unit system, choose your gender, and enter your age and height. Enter your current weight and your desire goal weight that you want to achieve and click calculate. It will immediately provide you a calculated metabolic rate, recommended daily intake, how many calories per day to goal and weeks. BMI-BMR Calculator is very convenient, helpful and easy to use and understand. It will surely a great help in starting or planning a diet.